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Technical support: +38 (048) 788-1518
Office in Odessa: +380 (48) 788-2111
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Technical questions: +38(048)788-1518/+38(095)288-1518
Billing questions: +38(048)788-2111/+38(095)288-2111
Domain questions: +38(048)788-2111/+38(095)288-2111
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Virtual Hosting Colocation Dedicated Servers Datacenter

The ability to place from the standard websites for firms and organizations up to global portals on our servers in the Ukraine.

Place your equipment into our datacenter, in any amount.

Rent a separate server with connection to the Internet, guaranteed power and many additional services.

Reliable datacenter, cheap prices, UA-IX, DE-CIX, OD-IX. PoP of Cogent, ReTN, ETT, UAR.NET.

Payment by credit card

You have the opportunity to pay for services with a credit card, it is necessary to do the following:

  • During the passage of registration you will be offered several payment options, select from the drop down list  "Credit Card" and desired billing period;
  • You will then be prompted to click on "Submit" to pay the amount, formed according to bills via Credit Card;
  • Next you need to enter credit card details (Credit Card details) - the card number (Card Number), Expiry date (Month / Year) and code (3-Digit Card Code), then confirm the payment;

Payment by credit card in H-SPHERE Panel

There are debts for services if the balance in the control panel is negative. To pay by credit card in the control panel go to the page
  • Billing >> Billing Profile
  • Credit Card UPC should be active in p.1
  • In p.2 change payment method if another method active
  • Put amount in Payment form p.3 and touch Submit