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Technical questions: +38(048)788-1518/+38(095)288-1518
Billing questions: +38(048)788-2111/+38(095)288-2111
Domain questions: +38(048)788-2111/+38(095)288-2111
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Virtual Hosting Colocation Dedicated Servers Datacenter

The ability to place from the standard websites for firms and organizations up to global portals on our servers in the Ukraine.

Place your equipment into our datacenter, in any amount.

Rent a separate server with connection to the Internet, guaranteed power and many additional services.

Reliable datacenter, cheap prices, UA-IX, DE-CIX, OD-IX. PoP of Cogent, ReTN, ETT, UAR.NET.


Dear Clients!

February 2, 2015 we will open registration of domain zone KYIV.UA – the name conveys the latin transcription of Ukrainian language spelling of the city of Kiev.

Domain KYIV.UA will mirror to an existing domain KIEV.UA. This means that register a domain name KYIV.UA can only owners of similar domain names KIEV.UA, if such names KIEV.UA already exist.

In the period from 2 to 28 February we will be holding registration in the domain KYIV.UA, at a discounted price - 30 UAH.

With the reglament of the regulations of registration of domain names in the zone KYIV.UA and KIEV.UA can be found here