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Technical support: +38 (048) 788-1518
Office in Odessa: +380 (48) 788-2111
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Technical questions: +38(048)788-1518/+38(095)288-1518
Billing questions: +38(048)788-2111/+38(095)288-2111
Domain questions: +38(048)788-2111/+38(095)288-2111
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Virtual Hosting Colocation Dedicated Servers Datacenter

The ability to place from the standard websites for firms and organizations up to global portals on our servers in the Ukraine.

Place your equipment into our datacenter, in any amount.

Rent a separate server with connection to the Internet, guaranteed power and many additional services.

Reliable datacenter, cheap prices, UA-IX, DE-CIX, OD-IX. PoP of Cogent, ReTN, ETT, UAR.NET.

We offer to our clients a renewal of any domain name by the end of their registration period, which is registered through our service or by moving it to us (when moving domain automatically renewed for one year , the cost of the renewal is included in the cost of transfer and is equal to it).

When the registration deadline reached domain name is blocked , and ceases to function. Thus, your web site will not open any longer, e-mail will no longer work, and any other services associated with the domain name too.

To renew the domain name you just should pay for the next term of registration. Possible renewal is from 1 year up to 10 years , depending on the domain zone.